The Poetics of Aging: Towards A New Understanding of the Many Verses of Life

San Francisco, November 16-19, 2011

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Rumi points out that the ripe fruit is the sweetest. Analogously, we humans have the choice of ripening as we age. With this understanding we humans continue to develop, deepen and expand until we take our last breath.

Rather than fear aging, we welcome maturing and learning. Such attitude stands in stark contrast to the prevailing mainstream understanding of aging and old age which talks of the increase of decline and uselessness.

The conference brought together minds and hearts interested in countering this simplistic idea of aging and old age with a broader and more intelligent viewpoint of life and living. It provided a refreshing and much needed refocus of our purpose and meaning in life, moving away from a rejection of our aging process towards a joyous anticipation and acceptance of the many amazing verses of our human journey – the last of which might just be the sweetest.

Organized and sponsored by AgeSong Institute and AgeSong Elder Communities in partnership with leading Bay Area universities and organizations