International Visitor Program

The AgeSong Institute International Visitor Program is a unique and wonderful opportunity for different generations to interact in an environment that is mutually enriching.

The program accepts two international visitors per month. The visitors join AgeSong residents in group activities, attend training sessions, and become companions for elders when they go on outings. For elders, the program offers a rewarding opportunity to experience new cultures, languages and philosophies. For visitors in the program, it is an opportunity to learn from the life lessons and invaluable experience the elders have to offer. The relationships that develop further enhance our commitment to provide assisted living homes that are based on a concept of creating a familiar and engaging atmosphere for all residents living together.

If you are interested in learning more about AgeSong Institute’s International Visitor Program or becoming part of our team and ‘family’ that is making a significant difference in the community and quality of life for elders, please click here.