family member

When I first met with one of the representatives from AgeSong, I could see in her eyes and hear in her voice how compassionate and understanding she was with me and with my Mom. I believe this is the first time I heard the word Forgetfulness mentioned (instead of dementia) and it felt wonderful to hear this word being used.


I remember the first night I stayed with my Mom until she fell asleep and the transition was immediate. The caregivers where so attentive and loving with my Mom and even with me; I guess you can say we both transitioned very quickly (it wasn’t even months, but a few days).

Another area that impressed me was the fact that each resident is assigned a therapist from AgeSong Institute. My mom’s therapist has been simply wonderful. You can see how much the therapist (just like the caregivers) cares for the residents and family member(s). For example, my mom’s therapist will take the time to talk with me and I noticed that my Mom has a twinkle in her eye and big SMILE when she comes to visit with her. The staff and interns at Hayes Valley have made me feel at home by welcoming me with warm smiles and seem to really care for my spiritual well-being as well.

I admire one of AgeSong’s quotes, “The wealth of experiences and knowledge that seniors have to offer is immeasurable.” They seem to learn from each other and create a warm welcoming environment which allows my mom and the other residents to be treated with love, respect, dignity, safety and continue to stay connected to the outside Bay Area community. AgeSong’s philosophy is to help my mom and the other residents enjoy their life through music, art therapy, dancing, companionship, love, caring, and understanding. The AgeSong Senior Community at Hayes Valley is able to give my mom and the residents the freedom and spiritual well-being to be themselves.