Elders Academy Press

Elders Academy Press seeks to change our view of aging from an undesirable process to an understanding of aging as important for our continued maturation in becoming elders. The Press thus seeks to encourage people to approach aging with appreciation and awareness so we might give back as elders to the generations that follow us.

As noted by Elizabeth Bugental, it is a pretty good bet that our old age will last at least as long as our adolescence. While most of us didn’t plan out our life path during adolescence, if we are lucky we might have an opportunity to do so in old age. The question is do we have the courage to examine our fears, desires and motives and determine how we would like to live the last decades of our life.

Through partnerships with writers such as Elizabeth Bugental and Gloria Steinem, Elders Academy Press seeks to encourage us to approach the process of aging with consciousness and to direct our thinking toward the possibilities ahead.

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