AgeSong Institute has developed daily enrichment and wellness programs for AgeSong communities that encourage residents’ well-being, creative expression, and strengthening of ties with family and friends. Activities are not meant merely to pass time, but ought to be enriching and rewarding experiences.

Our programs focus on three primary areas:

Community Enrichment To help residents stay connected to the larger community, AgeSong Institute arranges trips to local theatres, libraries, and art galleries. We also welcome members of the community to engage with us — through our public events, educational workshops, and dining opportunities.

Expressive Arts and Art Therapy For many elders, this stage of life provides the opportunity to enjoy being creative from painting to writing, performing arts, music and poetry sessions, and the myriad of ways we humans show this innate desire to express ourselves. AgeSong Institute weaves psychotherapy, emotional care, and life coaching into these experiences.

Spiritual Support For many of us, deepening our spiritual life is vital to our well-being. AgeSong Institute supports residents, families, friends, and staff with meditation rooms, gardens, and other serene environments that are available for private reflection, celebrations, and other gatherings.