Gems of Wisdom

Gems of Wisdom

“The anthology by AgeSong abounds with playful poems of times well lived! It’s a fine thing to read the poem stories that sing of love songs along with hardship from people who are now in their seventies and eighties, even nineties. The humor will delight you. You may wonder what you’ll be saying at that age!!”

Janell Moon, Poet Laureate of Emeryville for 2011-2012
Author of Salt and Paper: 65 Candles

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Gems of Wisdom Promotional OfferGems of Wisdom is a celebration of eldership and the wisdom that accompanies life experiences. Elders throughout California submitted prose and poetry to inspire readers to reflect and embrace their own creativity.

A portion of the proceeds from Gems of Wisdom will help AgeSong Institute fund its Expressive Arts Programs throughout the Bay Area.

The goal of the Expressive Art Programs is to combine creative expressions such as writing, painting, arts and crafts, dance, music, and sculpture with psychotherapy and life coaching.

We would like to congratulate the following Elders of the winning entries.

  • Reflections of Quiet AgeSong Resident Poetry Group at Lakeside Park: Claire, Sandra, Thelma, Francis, Judy, Ed, and Bill
  • These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things AgeSong Lakeside Park Residents: Claire, Francis, Jaysing, Courtney, Jean, Elise, and Bill
  • A Poem on my Birthday Amparo Molo-Carreon
  • Afternoon of Our Lives Angelica Chiong
  • Seniors Arlinda Smith
  • A Brass Ring for Catching Barbara Davis
  • Meditation Beth Spence
  • A Young Man’s Prayer Betty Goren
  • Rendezvous Betty Lee Kesten
  • Bi-Coastal Sun Showers Carol M. Navratil
  • Mothers Charles Harris
  • Thanks Charles Johnston
  • The Well Chrystal Daniels
  • Looking At a Leaf Claire Rothenberg
  • Chit-Chat Clayton McKinnon
  • Eldership Constance Hunt
  • “Imagination” Constance and Marsha
  • Someone Tell the Children Debra Durnell
  • A Mother’s Love Dee Dee Brinkman
  • These I love Deena Andrews
  • Well Wishes Edward Chen
  • June 23rd, 1985 Elizabeth K. Bugental
  • Old Couples: For Louise, Jean, John and Adele, Elizabeth and John Elizabeth K. Bugental
  • Covert Tree-Covered Seniority Emily Hartley
  • Roaming in the Gloaming Emily Winfree
  • Silver Haired Love Emma Murray
  • The Game is Up Erna Hennessy
  • Thoughts Fe P. Garcia
  • Josephina Flora Alvarado
  • Home of the Artichoke Frances (Fran) Nuelle
  • In the Afterlife Genya Ehrlich
  • Happy Genya Ehrlich
  • South Pacific George Siemon
  • The Street of My Childhood Gladys Rossi
  • My Favorites Gloria Gagnon
  • The Gay Nineties Guido Protti
  • Caregivers H. Elizabeth Kibby
  • Reverie and Twilight Heide Pilc
  • All I Know of Love Helen Crowner
  • Flowers Now Helen J. Wamhoff
  • He’s My Best Friend Hildy Pehrson
  • Mirror Image Irene Favreau
  • Years Jane Trask Rosen
  • To My Husband – The Other Half of Me Janette Roberts
  • Wisdom From on High Jeanne Schoch
  • For Your Consideration Jerry Sexton
  • The Color of Gold Jewelle Taylor Gibbs
  • Choices Joy Lucadello Luster
  • Empowered Joyce Stone
  • Grandma’s House June Swift
  • Mother-of-Pearl Kate Campbell
  • Dementia’s Deal Kim Fowler
  • Ride Home Kristina Yates
  • Recognition: A Diamond and a Pearl LaJuanah Lunceford
  • How to Nurture a Joyful Heart Laurel Zien
  • The Lake at Daybreak Lewis (Lew) Desch
  • A Wannabe Tree Lili Artel
  • Determination Lillian Kalibjian
  • Yesterday’s Gone Lillian Reynolds
  • On Aging [A Triolet] Louise M. Mangini
  • Search of Serenity Maimie Gimble
  • I Cried Manuel Perry
  • Musical Meanderings Marian Goldeen
  • A Mother’s Lament Marie Basinger
  • Dear Madeleine Marilyn Dumesnil
  • Untitled Marsha Campbell
  • Learning to Love Yourself Martin Driscoll
  • Free At Last Michael Wise
  • Goodbye Sunshine (My Pet Cat Friend) Nancy Arena
  • Reflection Nancy Arena
  • ‘Dewdrop’ Nina Komiakoff Smith
  • We Thought We Were Younger Norma MacDonald
  • Foot Fetish Patricia Jones
  • The Harvest Paul R. Larson
  • Identity Crisis Phylis Ann Warady
  • Restringing Life Rosalyn Brock
  • Respect Samuel Ansah Asare
  • The Essence of Innocence Shirley Drexler
  • Disappearing Susan Lipsky
  • Blood Doesn’t Define Family Susan Wilson
  • If You Had Been There Tania Selden
  • Missing Vienna Tom Greening
  • A Song To Remember Tom Roberts
  • Untitled Tom Roberts
  • Work Residents of Pinole Senior Village: Vera French, Olivia Simms and Paul McNees
  • Strawberry Tree in the Courtyard Veronica Espada
  • Outdoors Journey Virginia Larson
  • What’s In a Name? Wallace Trigg