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After spend­ing time in Hayes Valley and Laguna Grove Communities, I came away impressed. I feel that this innovative approach is the new frontier of aging care. I had not seen an interdisciplinary approach like this before. My mother would do well here.

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The initial transition period was challenging for both of us for different reasons. Without exception, my concerns, as well as my mom’s were addressed with care and consideration. Her dementia is de-stigmatized. She is related to as the person she is, rather than a cluster of symptoms of forgetfulness.

In a recent con­versation, my mom’s physician mentioned how I can now go back to being my mom’s daughter when I come see her. Our interactions are much better. She’s more cheerful than she was before. I see how she and her fellow residents are nurtured by the staff, interns, caregivers and each other. The quality of her day-to-day life is visibly enhanced.