AgeSong Institute

Ways to Give

AgeSong Institute supports assisted living communities and programs with the help of community support and donations from individuals and organizations.

Expressive Arts Program

giving elders the opportunity to express their unique personalities, individual feelings and experiences through exploring different ways of creative communication

Internship Program

encouraging the research and development of a revolutionary mindfulness-based approach with interns and trainees from both the doctoral and masters level in the humanistic, existential, and process-work approaches to therapy

Care Partner Education Fund

changing the paradigm for teaching and learning how to care for the elderly — from a humanistic, process-oriented perspective

Charitable Fund

helping residents continue to live at home or in residential settings while staying engaged in the larger community through the support of our many programs

Sidney and Alice Boyarin Academic Scholarship Fund

created to allow current AgeSong staff increased access to informal preparatory and formal educational opportunities, with the intent to improve their career choices and socio-economic status

Supporting Our Mission

promoting awareness in the way we understand aging, growing old and the role of eldership