Winnie Wong


My original home is Hong Kong, where I grew up on my own since age thirteen, with my brother, then journeyed to America to reunite with my mother. I had not seen her in ten years.

I earned my BFA in 1987 from CalArts, which grounded me in modern art history and photography. My life as a professional digital artist and game-character animator was a practice in execution and confidence. And by 2006, I decided to dedicate my life completely to my art, particularly painting, which has been a journey of its own.

Over time, I have discovered that painting is really about discovery. Sometimes this magic occurs when I experience the beauty around me, and then I investigate someway in which to express it, choosing the style, color, texture, and form (see River, Tree). Other times, the muse comes from within, and I learn more and more how to listen and express the idea through a painting, perhaps the subject being balance or pain (Rocks, Be Seen). So whether my work looks realistic or surrealistic, it’s all a quest within.