Layil Umbralux


Layil Umbralux was born in Paris, to Argentine parents of Italian decent. Her artistic tendencies stem from a young age, and people have long been a focal point of her fascination. A taste for naturalist representation and early exposures to fantasy, science fiction and mythology have shaped her understanding of the world and are of strong relevance in her images.

Raised in Northern California, she elected to skip high school to pursue an art vocation at the San Francisco Academy of Art. Two years later, she transferred to New York City’s School of Visual Arts to complete her Illustration BFA, taking a special interest in comics and an internship at Marvel Entertainment.

Layil moved to Barcelona in 2002 where she spent 3 years independently developing her art studies and enjoying the city’s ambiance and artistic history. From there, she traveled around Europe, collaborating on Art Education Workshops with the collective, which resulted in her 2005 return to San Francisco.

Following a year as an office assistant with Massive Black Inc and, Layil continued her studies at the Atelier school. Two intense years later, she finished the program. She is currently a resident artist at the school’s Safehouse Atelier facility, where she is following a fine art and illustration path to wherever it leads her next.