Dan Sarago


Healing comes in many forms. For me personally, expressing myself creatively through photography and music is the best medicine of all.

As a psychotherapist and percussionist, I lead a weekly expressive arts therapy group with seriously mentally ill adults at Highland Hospital in Oakland. Here, our people have an opportunity to sing, dance, play percussive instruments and express those parts of themselves that lay hidden and unacknowledged. At these times, I’ve seen our clients often “forget” that they are “schizophrenic” or “bipolar” or whatever, and just be themselves and have fun.

As a photographer, I’ve been a member of Photochrome Camera Club for almost four years now and am exploring what makes a photo “work”—an ongoing process that I look forward to discovering and learning for many years to come.

And before I forget, I’m also an ongoing member of “Jazzheimer’s” and perform regularly with Marlina Tisch here at AgeSong —-another form of “musical medicine” that brings me great joy, and I hope the residents here, too.