Teresa Moore


You’ll find them in the corner of a smoky 1920s Paris nightclub, or half-hidden behind the plush red curtain at a New York theater. Teresa Moore’s luminous femme fatales smolder under the stage lights.

Their sultry eyes gaze steadily back at you as a smile plays across their full, lacquered mouths.

Using a cocktail palette of rich reds, deep blues, and glowing yellows, the artist creates these lush portraits set in a world of dusky glamour, conjuring images from bawdy brothels decked in sumptuous red velvet to whisky-soaked cabarets brimming with lusty jazz strains.

Notice the defined graphic lines, sharp angles and vibrant colors of these works, which accentuate the bold sensuality of these women. Glamorous and vulnerable, they contemplate a noir netherworld somewhere between dusk and twilight.

Self-taught and painting mainly with her fingers, Moore creates an atmosphere of nightlife, good times and fleeting romances. Her images bring to life a world at once sensuous, sophisticated, sometimes sweet yet always alluring.

And these decadent dames get around. Moore’s work is exhibited and around the globe. Moore’s fiery independence shows through in these characters, who all seem to have their own checkered pasts, drawn from deep within the artist’s own fantasies and realities, past and present.