Marlina Teich


Marlina Teich, originally from Bayonne, NJ and Bronx, NY, is a jazz musician and painter. She has been residing in the Bay Area for most of her adult life. She received her first training as a child by her mother, Sheila Robbins (Who’s Who of American Artists). She studied at the Joseph School of Fine Art and City College, San Francisco. Marlina is also a teacher and has appeared in the Who’s Who of American Teacher two times. Marlina performs regularly at the Brickhouse 426 Brannan in San Francisco on Thursday evenings for the past three years. She also performs at many hospitals and adult assistance programs in San Francisco and South San Francisco, including Age Song, Aegis, and Victorian Healthcare. She will be performing with her jazz band at the Grand Ballroom of the Fairmount Hotel at the end of May.