Kayla Garelick


with my art i seek to communicate the feelings that i have while connected to the subject. the process of capturing images fills me with a sense of connectedness to both the grandeur and the fine details; infinity and this very moment. i am filled with a sense that our world is part of a magnificent process and i feel an intimate connection to this complex expansiveness. i see that everything material even works of humans is infused with a spiritual essence – a connection to the splendor. i seek to capture this splendor to share with others.

i begin my work by capturing images. working through the lens, i see the subject from a new perspective. i capture the essence of light with the camera by interpreting the light through the lens. because it is not a human eye, the lens “sees” differently. in exploring the lens’ relationship to light i have been freed. the light that is interpreted in the lens as i manipulate it is just as real as the interpretation of the
human eye although these images do not look the same. the camera lens and i create a very intimate view that is a whole statement. by stripping away our visual conventions i present the spiritual essence of the the environment, not simply the abandoned tractor, the sand, the flowers, the leaf.

when i return to the studio and view the shots in my “dry darkroom” on my
computer i am moved to a few images. they have an emotional quality that matches that essence and recreates the feelings i wish to share. i use my “dry darkroom” as a darkroom and do not further manipulate the image. i am not representing the tractor, the sand, the flowers, the leaf; rather the tractor, the sand, the flowers, the leaf are taking part in creating this visual representation of the intimate view of the grandeur within which we live.

the print is the final step in this process. i never print a successful print more than once. once i am pleased with the result i stop. each print is unique. one of one so to speak. i may print the image another day, but i always return to the RAW file and begin again so that i have all new interpretations as i ready the image to be printed. I have so many images that i love it is not often that i return to an image unless i want to say something else with it. Moving to a wide format printer has created an opportunity to stretch the limits of my approach to abstracting the essence of my subject.