Chico Coelho


My work is the result of many years of research on a wide range of techniques.

Figurative at first, it has evolved to abstract while inspired by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and Pollock.

My recent work is the outcome of my search for originality.

My technique entails dripping paint onto canvas to create layers of colors that overlap and originate a three-dimensional effect. Unlike in Pollock’s drip paintings, where you see splashes of paint, what you will see in my art is just the drops that randomly hit the canvas. For that, I have developed and perfected a more delicate dripping movement. I call this technique The Dissolution of Fractals.

While observing my work, you will find shades that are vibrant and soft creating a profusion of overlapping layers to form an incidental moiré pattern and in turn create three-dimensional images and motions.